People of Pride

Madrid’s Gay Pride Parade, otherwise known as El Orgullo, is one of the Spain’s biggest, and most largely attended festivals. What once consisted only of a few demonstrators marching a short distance within the city center, has become an internationally renowned celebration drawing over 1 million onlookers and an impressive array of corporate sponsors. Having been deemed the biggest gay pride demonstration in Europe, El Orgullo now draws in an international audience. Though the party itself is reason enough to attend, the procession is first preceded by a series of politically aimed events.  Its organizers, COGAM, FELGBT, and AEGAL, are present to answer questions, give speeches, and demand the equal recognition of gay rights. The full week of activities, concerts and demonstrations, paired with the final parade has helped cement El Orgullo’s unparalleled reputation.  Spain’s impressive transition to democracy after having endured a 40-year dictatorship proves its ability to evolve under harsh circumstances, and continues to ignite hope for what is yet to come.

Madrid was recently chosen to host the 2017 World Gay Pride, the world’s largest gay pride celebration, having outbid both Berlin and Sydney.

An audio-visual project dedicated to the varying personalities within Madrid’s gay community

Faces Of Pride

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