16 Strange Facts About What Everyday Life Was Like In Ancient Egypt

Ranker / Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

In many ways, everyday life in ancient Egypt was surprisingly modern. Egyptians had a sophisticated education system – for those who could afford it – and a remarkable understanding of medicine. Men and women also enjoyed an equality that wasn’t often seen in other ancient populations.

But that doesn’t mean that daily life in the ancient world was easy. The majority of the population was made up of farmers, who were indentured to the land and had to cultivate crops in grueling heat. Times were especially tough for the lower classes; the average life expectancy was just 30 years for women and 34 for men. Even if you were lucky enough to be royalty, some experts suggest their typical high-carbohydrate diet would make you susceptible to obesity and diabetes. Lice could be a problem, not to mention other hygienic challenges.

Outside of work, how ancient Egyptians lived was directly tied to their faith. They were an extremely pious people, and believed that their food, their clothing, and even their makeup were all gifts from the gods. Of course, piety didn’t exclude the simpler pleasures of life, including beer and board games.

Want to really walk in the shoes of ancient Egyptians? Check out more facts about their daily lives below.


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